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Hi, I’m Alex Gurkin
a Florida-based man.

A seasoned Project Manager and CEO since 2008, excelling in custom web solutions with 300+ projects. Certified in Ads optimization. Founder of multiple IT projects. Merging an MD degree with medical IT expertise. Published author and SaaS web development expert.

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What I Do

Web App Dev

Guide custom projects to digital success.

PPC Expert

Drive campaign success with strategic ad management.

Design Brilliance

Crafting Digital Experiences with UI/UX + Smart Content.

Efficient Project Management

Lead web projects from conception to completion.

QA Excellence

From Requirements to Perfection, making web projects shine.

Strong SEO

Onpage & offpage expertise. Dominate search rankings, increase visibility.

From 2002 To 2024

Path & Proficiencies

2002 - 2011

Education Quality

Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)

Kemerovo State Medical Academy (2002 - 2008)

Deep understanding of medical sciences

Master of Public Health (MPH)

Kemerovo State Medical Academy (2008 - 2010)

Scientific Department of Community Health and Medical Informatics.

Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing Management

Kemerovo State University (2004 - 2008)

Economics and marketing fundamentals.

2008 - now


IT Service Manager

ITMO University (2011 - 2011)

Developer Certifications

Moscow codding school (2011), Geekbrains (2014)

IT Project Manager Certification

Netology (2011)

Full Stack Developer Certification

Adobe (2012)

Badges & Digital Credentials

Y Combinator School (2019), Certified in six Google Ads specializations (now), Google Analytics (now), Semrush (now), professional events & bootcamps (2012-now)

Project Management

Strategic Project Leadership
Efficient Milestone & Risk Tracking
Stakeholder Collaboration

Wide range

Secret skill
Clinical Knowledge in Digital Medicine
Quality Assurance Oversight

Web Dev

Custom Web Application Creation
Responsive UI/UX Design
Full Stack Proficiency


CPC/CPM Campaign Optimization
SEO Optimization
Tracking & Data Analysis

Pioneering Progress

In the realm of web development and e-commerce, Alex Gurkin stands out as a seasoned professional with a rich history of success.

As the founder and CEO of a web development company established in 2008, Gurkin has overseen the strategic direction and technological integration of over 300 web projects, with a keen emphasis on e-commerce and custom web solutions.

His expertise spans across platforms like WordPress, WooCommerce, and Joomla. Notably, Alex Gurkin has been instrumental in orchestrating seamless API integrations, steering SERP strategies, and optimizing web performance.

His achievements include implementing on-page optimization techniques that significantly boosted visitor engagement and establishing robust conversion tracking systems. This dedication to excellence has solidified the company's reputation as a trusted web solutions provider, leading to an expanded client base and heightened satisfaction levels.


Diversifying his portfolio, Alex Gurkin has also made significant strides in the digital marketing sector. As a Co-Founder of the Advanced PPC Campaign Management Suite, he leads comprehensive project management, focusing on tools for measuring clicks, conversions, and ROI, smart bid management, tracking ineffective keywords, and click-bait detection and protection.

In the healthcare domain, Gurkin served as a Medical UX Advisor for a proprietary EHR system, where they championed the integration of medical algorithms, enhancing diagnostic accuracy by 21%.

Furthermore, as the Tech Co-Founder of TeleMD and MedCampus, Alex showcased his leadership in developing platforms that bridge healthcare providers with patients and foster a collaborative environment for medical students, respectively.

His commitment to innovation, user-centric design, and stakeholder collaboration has consistently positioned his projects as industry leaders, attracting significant investments and support.

Journey Snapshot

In the heart of Siberia, Alex's journey began in the corridors of a medical school. After earning his medical degree, he ventured into an internship in healthcare management, specializing in medical informatics. It was during this phase that a spark ignited within him. He realized that his true calling lay at the intersection of his medical expertise and a growing passion for technology. This profound realization propelled him to further his education in IT project management, and in no time, Alex acquired multiple certifications in web development.

Guided by his medical background, Alex's initial steps into the tech world were marked by collaborations with medical centers, hospitals, and private practices. These institutions became his inaugural clients, placing their trust in him for their digital overhauls. However, Alex's vision was far-reaching. With the support of his dedicated team, he ventured into the e-commerce sector, pioneering new industry benchmarks. His entrepreneurial flair didn't stop there. Alex co-founded telemedicine startups and laid the foundation for a professional network tailored for medical practitioners.


These endeavors rapidly gained momentum, and before long, Alex was at the helm of a web development company serving over 300 esteemed clients. His earlier ventures in telemedicine and the medical network also found success, and Alex chose to sell them, further solidifying his stature as a tech luminary.

The year 2016 was a significant milestone in Alex's career. Embracing change, he left the snowy landscapes of Siberia for America's vibrant tech hubs. In this new land of opportunity, Alex introduced two innovative projects to the market: a state-of-the-art CRM system and a PPC Campaign Management web platform.

Beyond his tech and entrepreneurial achievements, Alex has another feather in his cap. He is a recognized author, having written several professional books centered on web development. These publications not only underscore his profound knowledge but also highlight his dedication to disseminating his insights to a broader audience. Through his writings, Alex continues to inspire and guide budding tech enthusiasts, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

Ink & Ideas

I'm an Author

book for developers

Alex Gurkin

ISBN 9781957989884

Develop Alone

12 keys to innovative work for an amazing software release
rating-image rating-image rating-image rating-image rating-image

The guide equips solo developers with corporate IT strategies for remote settings. It reveals common web development pitfalls based on the author's experiences. Readers will learn to navigate project phases and launch successful tech startups.

The Web Developer's Blueprint by Alex Gurkin

Alex Gurkin

ISBN 99798889409427

The Web Developer's Blueprint

Standards and Checklists for Success
rating-image rating-image rating-image rating-image rating-image

From Rookie to Expert: Navigating Web Development Waters. Harness systematic web development with the book. Grasp essential standards, employ detailed checklists, and craft dependable, streamlined web platforms. This tome is your compass to superior coding and impeccable web aesthetics.

US Patent
US Patent

Alex Gurkin

Patent pending

Click-Bait Detection Algorithm

Ensuring High-Quality Traffic and Reducing Fraudulent Clicks

A sophisticated algorithm designed to identify and block click-bait ads. This technology ensures that only high-quality traffic reaches your campaigns, significantly reducing the impact of fraudulent clicks. The algorithm analyzes ad content and user behavior patterns in real-time to provide a more authentic and effective advertising experience.


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